Devos Group stands for quality products. 'Quality' has always been the keyword of our company policy.

To differentiate our products,wecreated our house brand 'NUMERO UNO'. All fruits and vegetables, who are selected with the Numero Uno label, are guaranteed first in quality.

Other selected brands we offer : Green Diamond and Green Diamond Economic Line for fruits. Hoogstraten for strawberries and Flandria for vegetables.

We are proud to present our two exclusive products : RED PRIMO apple and QUEENS FORELLE bi-colour pear. Both those brands are exclusively sold by us.


  • Pears (Conference, Doyenne du Comice, Queens Forelle, ...)
  • Apples (Primo, Jonagored, Golden, ...
  • Other fruits : Strawberries and otherberries
  • Vegetables : Leeks, Tomatoes,Capsicum, Carrots, ...