PRIMO is the brandname of an exclusive red apple variety. Sweet-soar fresh taste and very crispy, juicy flesh, together with an ultra high shelf life makes from PRIMO an outstanding apple.

Primo is a perfect fresh eating apple. Because of its strong flesh, Primo is also an outstanding kitchen/cooking apple.

Primo is not really a crossing between two other varieties. 20 years ago a branch with very dark red apples in a regular orchard has been selected and has been oculated. That day the PRIMO apple was born!

Primo is cultivated as a club-apple, founded about 15 years ago. Primo is produced by ten growers all over Belgium. To guarantee quality and uniformity all the year around, all Primo apples are stored and packed in our own packhouse. Only the best apples are selected to be packed under the brand name PRIMO, quality is utmost important!

Because of its outstanding shelf live and very good storing characteristics, Primo is available from October till August. To guarantee its exclusivity, Primo is only distributed by Devos Group.